Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sharena Rizki

Biodata Sharena Rizki - Profile and Bios Sharena Rizki - a beautiful artist is indeed very beautiful. familiar face on television screens decorate both FTV, soap operas or advertising. for who wants to know sharena follow the profile that we provide to you.

Sharena rizki he has a real name sharena Gunawan, born in Jakarta on 11 October 1983. he changed his last name because she followed her husband's name is called taufiq rizki. as an advertising star and model sharena do not want to look beautiful from the outside only, but also want beautiful from the inside. he did want to promote inner beauty.

many have been dibintaginya sharena, such as advertising and television. such as the love you really cheating, youth, youth, and many others. his acting ability was no doubt about it. even for the job he's willing to not have a baby because it was bound by contract with one company's cosmetics and vitamins.

for the beauty matters turned out this beautiful woman drinking green tea diligently to maintain the beauty and health. because according to the kit menjga sharena health beauty then we will be awake anyway. This we can give a little pofil about sharena rizki. We also have another article about vino bastian g handsome actor who loved many girls.


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